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Kang Lim C.S.P Co., Ltd.

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Kang Lim C.S.P Co., Ltd.
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Kang Lim C.S.P Co., Ltd.

[ Company Profile ]

I started steel business undeveloped in Korea as named Kang Lim in 1976. For 30 years, Kang Lim CSP has grown up as stable  distributor occupying most of the SMLS steel pipe supply in the Korean market. At the beginning of the business, we provided some quantity to be filed for the shortage of demand and small portion of the market share was made. however now we have become the most powerful steel distributor supplying the SMLS steel the most powerful Steel distributor supplying the SMLS steel pipes in over 70% of total quantity in Korean market.

Our fundamental MOTTO has set up 1.HIGH QUALITY 2. Competitive price, 3 Quick Delivery since start-up These 3mottos have been reflected to our business and we will comply with them permanently. We have equipped with well organized Management systems to meet all needs of all customers and System " Just In time" welcome to our customers will be well developed. So far Kang Lim CSP has not been brought up by himself We have been available because those who have collaborated with and taken care of us have stayed with us.

Many thanks to those concerned shall be given as founder of Kang Lim. I won't forget every member of Kang Lim who has been devoted to and our employee benefits will be improved and invested unsparingly. Kang Lim CSP who become in the youth and the middle-aged will be equipped with high-tech system based on Know-how accumulated properly and our best service will be provided to all our customers It is my plan that we will be the Asian NO.1 steel distributor and the World best steel distributor will be a next target while we are developing plate and other steel business.

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  Kang Lim, Carbon Steel Pipe, Low Temperature Pipe, Alloy steel pipe

icon Registration Date   2007/07/18 (Year/Month/Date)
icon Buyer / Seller in EC21   Seller
icon Business Type   Manufacturer
icon Year established   1976
icon Employees total   11 - 50
icon Annual revenue   USD 1,000,001 - 2,000,000

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icon Company Kang Lim C.S.P Co., Ltd.
icon Address Sam bi B/D, #869-29 Bom-Chun-1dong, Jin-gu, Busan 617-080 Korea
icon Phone 82 - 51 - 6443003
icon Fax 82 - 51 - 6441003
icon Homepage www.klcsp.co.kr
icon Contact Soo-bok, Lim / President